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Our intention is to assist in overcoming opposition to accomplish sustainable goals 

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Integrate your process for sustainability

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Working with Richard, Jodi, and Darlene


has been an amazing experience in our 6


weeks together. They helped me find


clarity on what I truly want in my life. 


They helped me let go of blocks that I


didn’t even realize were keeping me from


moving forward in my business.  I feel


empowered knowing that nothing can


stop me from meeting goals now.



If you are looking for the ‘holy grail’ of holistic coaching teams look no further than Darlene, Richard, and Jodi!  In six weeks the Team is able to break you down to your bare essence and help to rebuild you up so you can achieve your full potential!  If you think you are already on top of your game, the Team will make you even better!  Hang-ups or issues from your past you haven’t been able to shake or let go of?!  They’ll teach you how to let go (mentally, physically, physiologically, and spiritually)!  The beauty of this program is that each of the coaches approaches your unique ‘you’ from multiple perspectives...all in real-time!  If you have spent years trying to achieve inner peace and getting ahead in the physical world only to find that you take two steps forward and one or two steps backward this program will help you break those backward habits so you truly can achieve your goals!  For those of you who want to change your life or for those who already feel they are ‘there’ but could still use a tune-up to be even better I highly recommend this program!!



My experience with working with the 3 Elite expansion project has been profound. I always felt like something was holdling me back from being all that I could be. With their help and guidance I broke through my limitations and my life in many ways took off. I'm in total awe of the work that was done in a short amount of time, each week providing insight and discovery of my potential. I would highly recommend making a commitment to yourself to expand your life with these 3 amazing mentors. 

Forest Trees

"One of the greatest values of mentors is

the ability to see ahead what others cannot"

John C. Maxwell

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